Share Market India, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds Investment, Income Tax Guide 2019

Equity Mutual Funds - Know the base for better investment

Investing in Equity funds has become quite popular in India. It is a kind of mutual fund in which you need to invest principally on the sticks which can be managed in both ways, actively as well as passively. Due to its nature, it is popularly known under the name of stock funds too. The idea of mut... >> More

Best Online Jobs To Earn More Money Globally

Best online jobs that can fetch you a lot of income – an insight Work from home is legitimate and the most convenient way of earning money working from home. However, at the same time one would have noticed that there are a lot of scams that lure people into their trap and extract money fro... >> More

Start Up Business Ideas in 2018

Start Up Business Ideas in 2018  The dawn of the New Year definitely raises a lot of hopes for each and every one of us. We tend to take New Year resolutions and try our best to go by those resolutions at least for a few months if possible. However, on the other hand there are quite a lot o... >> More

Best Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2018

Best Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in 2018 Are you thinking strongly about starting a new business in the New Year? Do you have any particular business in mind or are you searching for the best business ideas to start in the year 2018? If you are the latter then this article will surely provi... >> More

Late Fees and Interest on GST Return

Late Fees and Interest on GST Return   As per Goods and service tax (GST) rules and regulation, the Late Fee is an amount charged from the seller for filing GST returns after the specified date. If you are filling your GST return with delay, you will be liable to pay late fee on your GST re... >> More

Tax Saving options beyond Sec 80C

As per the income tax under sec 80C deductions, you can invest up to INR 150000 to save on your income tax but there are more ways to save taxes other than 80C. There are various other methods for deductions under Section 80 you can use to save on income tax. For example, income tax benefits on hom... >> More

What is IPO

What is IPO IPO stands for Public Offering.  If a private limited company want to become a publicly traded company, they offer their company shared to the public to purchase and invest. Company shared are shared with the public to invest and share the ownership in the company as per the rul... >> More

What is Input Tax Credit under GST

What is input tax credit?   Under GST, ITC stands for Input Tax Credit. When you file your GST return, you can claim your already paid GST to other businesses. It could be IGST, SGST or CGST.   You can claim your input tax credit as per the GST rules and regulation while filling your ... >> More

Best business plans for 2018

Best business plans for 2018 As the saying goes “New Year new me.” So its 2018 and the New Year has begun. Each of you will be experienced mixed thoughts of ways to make more money ad live decent lives with less stress and tension. At the same time most people will be having plans of... >> More

How to earn money doing online businesses

How to earn money doing online businesses   Our upcoming generation are very anxious and ambitious unlike in earlier years where people were very content and lived simple lives. Today every second person wants to be independent and be their own boss. For this reason many people are looking f... >> More

Tips to grow your small business to an international level

Tips to grow your small business to an international level As a first step any entrepreneur will be interested in laying a strong foundation for his/her business. A strong foothold is mandatory for any business whether big or small. It is only after this strong foundation is laid that one can ma... >> More

Useful Tips For Beginners in the Forex market

Useful Tips For Beginners in the Forex market As a newbie to the Forex trading world there are many possibilities of you getting overwhelmed and confused with a lot of information that you read about on the internet. Though this information may be useful in the long run, for beginners gathering ... >> More

3 Important Tips to Understand Currency Trading Business

3 basic and vital tips to understand currency trading better. Trading activity is a serious matter and hence it should be given much importance because of the potential earnings that you are going to get or invest. This means before you decide to get engaged with currency trading or stock trading... >> More

Commodity Market in India

Progressing in the commodity market in India   There is always a demand for commodities like metals, food and energy since these are most vital necessities for everyday life. Investing in any or all of these is a sure way of earning a lot of income. Stocks and bonds investment require... >> More

Stock Market Trading - Earn Huge Profits Doing Nothing

Stock Market Trading - Earn Huge Profits Doing Nothing      Did you know that profitable traders actually do nothing most of the time? Yes it’s true. According to Warren Buffett “the stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.... >> More

Healthy Startup business plans for entrepreneurs

Healthy Startup business plans for entrepreneurs Starting a business and running it efficiently is seriously a great idea. However, not everyone who is interested in starting a business has sincerely worked towards the goal. The simple reason is that they are not certain how to go about starting ... >> More

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