Start Up Business Ideas In 2018

Start Up Business Ideas in 2018 

The dawn of the New Year definitely raises a lot of hopes for each and every one of us. We tend to take New Year resolutions and try our best to go by those resolutions at least for a few months if possible. However, on the other hand there are quite a lot of individuals who have very strong resolutions and stronger mind sets as well.

Yes, we are talking about the business mined people. For those of you who are planning to start a good business in the New Year, here are a few very useful tips on what type of business would be profitable and bring in lucrative incomes.

1. Create a betterment program:
Not everyone has the skill and knowledge to better their prospects neither in the employee world nor in the employer world. If you have enough skills you can start betterment program and educate such individuals in their respective field of interest.

In return you can get a fee for your advice and guidance. To expand your business you can also start online courses in helping entrepreneurs in web development, business or marketing.

2. Start an online travel company:
As we go further and further in our lives it is obvious that everywhere people are getting stressed out with work pressures and are always looking for a holiday or a break from the hum drum of daily chores.

Most people today are very interested in travelling to different countries on vacation and either relaxing or involving in community projects etc. For such people information is lacking. You can start your website and offer information like:

• Information about the country they intend visiting
• Update them on what equipment is required while visiting
• Show them locations and images of the place they will be staying
• Take up the initiative to arrange food, accommodation, travel and sightseeing or volunteer agencies for such travellers.

All this information is very useful and travellers will visit your website more frequently and even make calls if you provide them with your contact details. This is a very effective and lucrative way of making money.

3. Chatbots are gaining speed:
Though people may thing that chatbots are a simple marketing fad there is quite a bit more to it than just that. Chatbots are very helpful to various types of business. They:

• Poll public sentiment
• Build empathy and awareness
• Drive civic engagement
• Encourage a healthy living
• Distribute accurate health information to the public
• Help to fight pollution
• Offer the  best counselling to the people

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