Stock Market Trading - Earn Huge Profits Doing Nothing

Stock Market Trading - Earn Huge Profits Doing Nothing   

Did you know that profitable traders actually do nothing most of the time? Yes it’s true. According to Warren Buffett “the stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.”

Those in the stock market trade are definitely impatient. They are always looking at the charts, thinking a lot ahead, spending much time trying to take risks etc. All this will not help in the Forex trade.

On the other hand, the patient traders of stock are those who sit patiently and wait spending time on studying the stock markets and waiting for the right opportunity to execute their trading skills. According to a study 99% of traders fall into this fray and the remaining 1% are the ones that spend a lot of time on trade and lose a lot of money.

To be high in the Forex market one should learn to be like crocodile, wait patiently for its prey. Here are a few ideas that will help you in the Forex currency and stock markets:

1. Be a predator not the prey:

Don’t get led away that you are losing out on good income by waiting. Actually by waiting you are learning patience. You will not wait too long but while waiting you are establishing good self-control even if it should take a few weeks or even months. Trading during the high frequency times is when you tend to lose money. On the other hand when you trade with low frequency you are a profitable trader in the end. 

2. Change your thought about doing nothing:

Most of us live in a society that is hooked on doing what feels good rather than what is good. Do not treat your trading account like a slot machine that you keep pulling constantly like in the casino. By doing this you are getting more involved in doing risky trading and in the end you realise that you have lost more money than expected.

Instead you are advised to just sit doing nothing, absolutely nothing. When you realise this then you are on the right zone because you have mastered the art of doing nothing.

3. How does one change this venomous mentality of trading?

Trading is a slow process and hence patience is mandatory when you enter into the trading business. The more patient you are the more profits. Don’t lose hope in the investment that you have made, instead wait patients and the long wait will bear fruit.

Once you are convinced with the income you receive from the investments that you have made and waited for, your mind set will automatically switch from impatience to patience.

Your brain chemistry will start sending positive messages to your mind and you will realise that you have mastered the Forex market better than anyone else.


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