India Top 10 Stocks Picks For Investment

Global cues are strong and having a positive impact on the stock market. While, profit booking is on, the growth trajectory certainly looks inviting. Top ten stocks per se cannot be certifiably listed due to the whimsical nature of the markets. 

Thus, the following tips to choose the best shares are based on a combination of an analysis of probable future market trends as well as best judgement assessments.

Top 5 mid and small cap stocks or shares suggested for 2014 are:

i.) Crompton Greaves:

A good growth trajectory over all as a result of growth in exports standalone power systems seeing much improvement. This midcap is recommended with a horizon time of 1 year with 200 being the price point.

ii.) Escorts:
It has a preferable target price of Rs. 180/- thanks to sustainable high growth projections with the specialised and high power tractors getting introduced. The midcap should ideally be held for a year.

iii.) Havells India:
A robust forecast for this midcap due to sustained performance, a string of new products in the offing, and much diversification and expansion make it a must buy.

iv.) Sesa Sterlite:
This midcap is expected to see healthy growth with Supreme Court resolving the Goa mining issue and mining resuming in Karnataka.

v.) Torrent Pharma:

The upside potential is quite high with several lower base product launches and emerging markets serving as the source for almost 60% revenues. The price target for this small cap Rs. 650/-.

Top 5 large cap Indian shares to invest for 2014 to watch out for are:

i.) SBI:
Increased sales volume of a plethora of financial instruments and services, ever intensifying network, huge asset size (helps stave off market volatility) and the trust factor still make this large cap a sure fire.

ii.) ITC:
FMCG will never be out of demand and if inflation being a constant threat on the horizon, ITC makes it in to this list as the representatives from the FMCG sector for 2014.

iii.) ICICI:
It’s being regarded by analysts as one of the promising banking sector stocks for 2014. Further, Sanker Parmeswaran’s appointment as Company Secretary is being considered positively.

iv.) L & T:
The Oman hub development and the massive brand equity make this a long term buy.

v.) Maruti Suzuki or M & M:
A good long term buy with rate cuts in the offing post the election of a stable union government might just give the sagging sales the requisite boost
These are some of the best Indian shares which one can hope to invest in the year in 2014. Large caps are a better option in volatile markets; however, self-judgment is essential for purchases.

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