2015 Share Market Success Strategies

For wealth maximisation and getting higher return people invest in share market. Share marketing is highly fluctuating and involve substantial amount of risk, but if a proper investing strategy can be applied then the risk factor will considerably diminish. Investors can be assisted a lot with successful trading strategies. By applying proven and popular strategies the average investors can also enjoy higher return on their investments. But the important factor that investors should keep in mind that certain strategies work best in specific market conditions.

Factors that you should consider before choosing an appropriate strategy:

There are many factors that affect a company’s health so it is almost impossible to construct a strategy that will assure success. One thing you can do is assemble relevant data and analyse the future prospects of the shares of the company.
A lot of data involved in analysing a share is intangible and cannot be measured.

Here are some of the investment strategies that you can follow:

Popular Strategy of Income Investing:

Income investing is a favourable strategy when economic circumstances are uncertain. When the stock market condition is unpredictable and you don’t know how your shares are going to behave and the bonds are paying very low yields then in such conditions investing in dividend stock funds are the best option. With this type of investment you can get a steady flow of income from dividends and the risk factor is considerably reduced.

Value Investing:

This strategy is best suited for investors who want to hold their shares for a long time. In this strategy the investors should opt for the shares that are trading at a low price and hold them until the market value of the share rises. This is a proven strategy and works best when the stock market instability is low.


The shorting strategy involves lending equity shares from a broker and then selling them, then again purchasing the stock at a low price to return it. This strategy produces profits in declining market conditions. This is a comparatively complex investment strategy that average investors will not be able to pull off.

Mutual funds are the best way to invest your resources in share market through professional investment managers. This is the best option that a normal investor can opt for in investing in shares by reducing the risk factor. Your investment strategy should be flexible enough to adapt to the dynamic situations of the share market.  

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