Retirement Planning India

Tips on your retirement planning

Retirement is a threat that every individual faces after the age of 60. However, this can be turned into a smooth and fun flowing phase of life if you plan well in advance for your retirement. Here are a few basic tips of advice for a smart retirement.  The three main strategies to follow strictly are: a. Keeping the savings safely and making it available when it is needed. b. Don’t... >> More

A Know-How on National Pension System

The Indian population, which proudly boasts of having the youngest minds across the globe is headed towards a tough time. The UNFPA has stated that by around 2050 the nation will have a 55% older generation age group. The resource pool necessary to sustain this occurrence is expected to become costlier due to lower supply as against higher demand. Thus, retirement planning is all the more importa... >> More

Top 10 Financial Products to Help You Post Retirement

It is a common and yet very astute piece of advice that one must start saving early for retirement. This is due to the enhanced continuous compounding period. The Indian market is a difficult place to select an option for retirement planning since there is slow economic growth as well as a very high year on year inflation factor. Some of the products which may be considered for planning post retir... >> More

Retirement Schemes at Indian Posts Offices

India is a country where even today people prefer to invest in more vanilla traditional plans. This becomes even more of a trend when the savings is meant to support life after retirement. The government schemes are still considered safer in a country where the innate common psyche does not lay much store by private enterprises. Some of the notable schemes which the government has come out with... >> More

Role of Mutual Funds in Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is extremely important and there are just no two ways to that. There was a time when most people considered that a few fixed deposits and life insurance investments would be sufficient for post retirement living. However, today the people do not want to lead a compromised existence at old age. Thus, mutual funds have come up as a potent source for retirement financial plannin... >> More

10 Tips to Select a Retirement Plan

Retirement planning is always a tricky proposition. It is very difficult to project the kind of lifestyle costs one will be facing so many years down the line. If an annual inflation rate of 6% is considered then in 30 years the monthly requirement for a current monthly expense of Rs. 30,000/- per month will be Rs.1, 80,000/- per month. Thus, one would do well to follow the following tips: &nb... >> More

Pension and Retirement Planning Steps for Indians

This is a very important life aspect which many in the past have suffered by ignoring. The average middle class or even the upper middle class today is earning well. However, even the well to do plan for a time when regular income may not come by. The business owners do so by probably doing mutual funds and other riskier investments with planned maturities. However, the service class in India e... >> More

Life Insurance - The First Step Towards Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is critical and should be carried out with utmost commitment. India remains a country where the average man still believes in keeping money with the government is a safer option even at the opportunity cost of better returns from private players. Thus, Life Insurance continues to be a favourite with the Indian masses as an option to save for a variety of goals from tax planning... >> More

Best Tools for Online Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a critical aspect for business men and service men alike. This holds true for also those who have their own professional or business setups. Saving money in a gradual and preferably systematic manner so as to be able to set aside an eventual cumulated pool sufficient to maintain a descent standard of living post retirement or business set up closure. We often end up procrast... >> More

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