Real Estate India

A glance at the 2016 real estate industry

As always the real estate industry is a huge business industry that generates billions in annual revenue year after year. More than 230,000 companies have invested in this business because of its lucrative returns and hassle free revenue. This industry’s origin dates back to post World War II in the early 1950s and began to rise until a slight dip in the 1970s after which it was back in ac... >> More

NRI Selling Property in India- Pointers to Consider

Selling property in India by NRIs who don’t come here can be a complicated situation and a number of legal complexities come up. Numerous tax implications and legal aspects arise that you have to properly deal with before selling a property. Hire a good broker: There are a lot of real estate brokers available but in such cases you have to take the help of brokers who have good reputati... >> More

NRI Buying Property in India- Pointers to Consider

Investing in real estate is always a good and safe option. Non residents also are very much interested in buying properties in India. The government is also introducing new laws and schemes that are attracting NRIs to invest in real estate in india . The RBI has given permission to all people of India origin and NRIs who possess Indian passport to invest their funds in real estate sector of the co... >> More

Latest Real Estate Trends in India - 2015

Real estate has been a market which has made many a investor millionaires and then meant stagnant returns for a good number as well. It is a dynamic industry and has a product which is in demand but the opportunity cost for which keeps fluctuating compared to alternatives. The 2014 second part saw the sector gearing up. The two major fillips that went the way of industry players were the creation ... >> More

Top 5 Unknown Facts about Real Estate in India

Real estate is a great place to be in if one wants to earn well and at a good rate then this is the place to invest. It may not give you much in the short term now, but it will prove to be a great option in the long term at least as it has proved itself time and again by bouncing back. The real estate sector has always had its unique traits and has kept on being a big factor for the world econo... >> More

Renting property in India - Benefits and Agreements

India is considered one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The country’s real estate scene is however not very green for the average consumer. The rates of properties are up and hence rent on properties is also increasing at an alarming rate. There are many Non Resident Indians or NRIs who have properties which they rent out of economic prudence. However, the property owner mu... >> More

Eco Green Measures Taken by Indian Real Estate

The world is going green and for good reason. The climate is constantly suffering from man encroaching upon the realm of nature. The temperatures are becoming more and more extreme with each passing year in areas which were otherwise known for moderate climates. In India itself many say the same about Bangalore or Bengaluru and attribute the same to rapid industrialisation. The real estate sect... >> More

Housing Sector Forecast For the Year 2015

The Indian markets have seen something of rejuvenation with hopes being raised of the new regime which has taken control at the centre. The sector has been at the receiving end of much support and incentives in the year 2015. It has been so through the union budget considering infrastructure and affordable homes at par. Further, the stringent Land acquisition Bill has been alleviated through repea... >> More

Why Do NRI's Tend to Invest in Real State?

Investment in real estate can be tricky if done without thought. The housing bubble burst which crashed stock markets across the globe continues to haunt. For NRIs or Non Resident Indians investment in India has always brought about the question that whether real estate is the investment source which will bring the most returns. Real estate has always been a great area of interest for NRIs. R.B... >> More

Top 10 Real Estate Investment Destinations in India

Real estate investment can prove extremely fruitful if made through channels which are regulated and as such proper. Property must be purchased ideally through expos or from a reliable developer whereby unencumbered title can be acquired. India is today amongst the topmost investment spots in the Asian scene However, recently industry sources report an upsurge in interests and this has been mor... >> More

Tips to Remember While Investing in Real Estate

Investment of any type must be backed by careful thought. The goal and desired returns must be clearly figured out. The decision to invest in a home or the real estate dominion is based on factors such as readiness financially as well as the need for same. Real estate like any other investment must be executed with a plan and be constantly monitored. Thus, one must strive to stay ahead of the c... >> More

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