Mutual Fund Companies In India Top Performers

Mutual fund companies in India function under greater restrictions than elsewhere due to the strict oversight of SEBI. This also means that investor’s can have a greater degree of faith in these as investment options. Recent market trends also show that the assets which are being managed by equity mutual funds are reaching new peaks.

It is often advised to make investments in MNC funds since these companies have weathered global competition and thereby acquired sustainable advantages towards competition. However, the major issue here is only the fact the stock universe available to them is limited.

They are still a good option for Indian markets because these funds are well suited for economies which are suffering the issues of depression and inflation. These funds offer sound returns (risk adjusted) over a horizon of 5 years, wherein exposure should ideally be limited to 10 to 15 %.

In India, the best mutual funds in India, in the present gyrating scenario should preferably through the SIP mode. The following funds are as such suggested as the best options:

Large Cap:

1.) ICICI Prudential Focused Blue chip Equity Fund – The fund saw inception in 2008 and has average five year returns of about 24% and last three year annualised returns of about 6.29%.

2.) ICICI Prudential Tech. Fund – This fund primarily invests in I.T. which is dependent primarily European and the US. This has five year returns of around 38% with three year annualised returns at 20%. Thus is suited for investors with a high risk appetite due to the fund’s investment pattern.

3.) Franklin India Blue chip Fund – The fund saw inception far back in 1993. It has average five year returns of 20.45% and three year returns of 3.29%.

4.) FT Feeder Franklin US Opps Fund – It has annualised returns of about 29%. This fund has investments mostly in US securities and the US economy is slated for well paced growth in the near future. A high risk fund but also gets listed among the higher return mutual funds in India.

Mid Cap:

5.) IDFC Premier Equity Regular – It is a 2005 fund with five year average returns of 27.15% and three year returns of 7.47% (average).

6.) SBI Magnum Mid Cap Mutual Fund – It has five year average returns of 26%. This has a lot of growth prospect but is high risk due to its mid cap nature.

7.) Reliance Equity opportunities fund – It has 5 year returns of 28% and three year returns of 7.22%.

8.) Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund – Five year average returns of 27% and 13% average three year returns.

These mutual funds are among the best options however, investors must also use reliable mutual fund investment calculators to check whether the funds suit their individual investment specifics.

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