Mutual Funds India

Equity Mutual Funds - Know the base for better investment

Investing in Equity funds has become quite popular in India. It is a kind of mutual fund in which you need to invest principally on the sticks which can be managed in both ways, actively as well as passively. Due to its nature, it is popularly known under the name of stock funds too. The idea of mutual funds can be broadly categorised based on the size of the company, the investment pattern of the... >> More

Buy Mutual Funds - Avoid Paying Heavy Taxes

Avoid paying heavy taxes. Buy mutual funds Whoever it may be that is earning an income is surely liable to pay a portion of that income to the state by way of tax. No doubt paying tax is necessary for the development of the country you live in. At the same time not everyone wants to pay high taxes and struggle for monetary assistance throughout one’s life. Everywhere people are finding w... >> More

Mutual Fund Invstments - Choose The Right Business Shares

Choose the right business shares when investing in mutual funds Mutual funds are a safe way of investing your hard earner money for future use. However, at the same time one should be aware of the facts when investing in mutual funds. Not all companies are genuine and offer its customers a fair rate of interest and benefits. The latest trend today is buying mutual funds online which also ar... >> More

Mutual fund investments Myths and mistakes

Myths and mistakes in mutual fund investments SIP known as Systematic Investment Plan is a very beneficial and wise savings scheme that allows investors to make small savings plans that brings in high returns. This is a very affordable scheme since investors can deposit small amounts of money instead of lump sum amounts.   These small investments can fetch high returns over a period of... >> More

Make the right choice of Mutual Funds

The vital aspect to look at when choosing mutual funds is the turnover ratio of the respective fund. Secondly one should determine the purpose of taking the mutual fund, whether it is meant to provide income or to bring in returns. An income providing fund should be a bond or a balanced fund different from the investment funds that offer returns to smaller companies. 1. No-load mutual funds th... >> More

Top 3 Mutual Funds to Buy and WHY

Mutual Funds are a very lucrative format of making investments since they allow not only hedging against risks from probable and improbable loss but also providing the option to maximise the probable return. The country has many mutual funds which are listed and offer very favourable returns as compared to the amount of capital required to be invested and consequent risks.   Tall Claims: &... >> More

Mutual Funds Aid During Choppy Times HOW

Mutual funds are a great way in reducing the risk which an investor is exposed to in the very dynamic economics of today’s times. Mutual funds have different specifics when it comes to investment and hence it becomes critical to choose one carefully. In the erratic economic times of today, the type of funds which have done the most are ones which have a diverse and balanced assets base. The ... >> More

Past Indicators of Mutual Funds What and Why

Investments bring a few ideas in the mind. For instance the amount of capital required as well as the return on the same. A more concerned investor will research and try to factor in the time period involved as well as the comparative options. The common approach for the average investor is to look at past performances. However, the age old financial investment adage of not heeding past performanc... >> More

Credit Risks of Bond Funds

An Intro: Investing in mutual funds come across as very rosy. However, when the risk disclaimers come in, one would be well advised to heed them. Investors often look towards bond or debt heavy funds when the markets are volatile. Stock prices seem to undergo wide range and hence the debt funds look more amenable. However, the risks involved there are also very real. Perceptions: The com... >> More

A know how on NRI Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a much sought after investment option these days. The Indian mutual fund industry is not as developed as the European and western nations. It has nonetheless grown in leaps and bounds. The NRIs investing in India also want to partake of this growth.   NRIs are eligible for two kinds of investment in India – Repatriable and other is Non-Repatriable. In order fo... >> More

Mutual Funds - A Boon for Small Investors

Mutual funds have now become the answer for the small investor’s prayers to get a share of the big pie of corporate returns. The average investor has a very limited pool of money from which he wants to derive the maximum possible returns with moderate risk. In recent times our domestic mutual fund industry has witnessed mutual fund scheme merging. Such merging is usually the result of acq... >> More

Mutual Fund Investment can act as your Retirement Income

We learn to live a decent lifestyle through education and by looking at people around us. However, we earn to pay for all that. Thus, there will be needs even when one day the age for earning a livelihood will have passed us by. Hence, from the outset one should plan to hold their head high by planning for lifestyle sustenance post retirement. Some experts say that one should start out with the... >> More

Always buy quality stocks during a bull run

There has been a change in leadership in the world’s largest democracy. Many believe that the markets are in for a prolonged bull run due to enhanced business sustainability and rejuvenation of the economy from policy changes. The market has so far in the year 2014 rallied around 33% and things are looking further up. When investor attitude was observed - whether prior to the recession, i... >> More

How To Invest In Mutual Fund?

If you are looking around and considering how to invest in mutual funds in India there are a few things you can do. There are many different ways to go about investing in these mutual funds. There are also numerous companies you can get information from and subsequently purchase. Top Ways For Investing in Different Mutual Funds: 1.    First, you need to decide if you are goi... >> More

Why Should We Invest in Mutual Funds

There are many different reasons to invest in a mutual fund. A mutual fund is one of the biggest and best ways to invest in your future. You can get into mutual funds investing for personal life as well as for income and other advantages. There are many things one should know about investing in them and one of the best places to get them is from hdfc mutual fund. There are many advantages inv... >> More

Things to keep in Mind While Choosing Good Mutual Fund

In the modern times it has become essential to move with the times and select modern methods of investment. The changed scenario across the globe makes investments in share markets seem a very wise option. However, due to the volatile nature of it, it is quite necessary that people select good mutual funds for investment. However, it is often seen that even now many people go for traditional inves... >> More

Mutual Fund Companies in India Top Performers

Mutual fund companies in India function under greater restrictions than elsewhere due to the strict oversight of SEBI. This also means that investor’s can have a greater degree of faith in these as investment options. Recent market trends also show that the assets which are being managed by equity mutual funds are reaching new peaks. It is often advised to make investments in MNC funds s... >> More

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