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How to apply for a loan against property

When compared to a personal loan a loan against property is far better and more economic. The repayment tenure is longer and the interest lesser. However, the main criterion to obtain a loan against property is that the property should be self-owned and free hold.  The loan can be taken for any reason like getting your daughter or son married, going on a foreign trip or any personal reason. T... >> More

5 great benefits of obtaining a home loan

According to the 2016 census there is a steep rise of almost 30% in the real estate business which makes it a boon to those investors seeking to invest wisely. Applying for and obtaining a home loan is a good idea, especially for those into the real estate business. However, for personal reasons the rates are a bit high but nevertheless, owning your own home is always a great choice as prices wi... >> More

Best Education Loan Providers in India to Study in Abroad

The What: Education nowadays has become extremely expensive, whether it is school fees or college admission charges. Further, all these expenses often do not result in a good career. Hence, many people today are planning to go abroad for a better rewarding job career. Many students in developing nations like India look to take advantage of opportunities like better educational institutions in ... >> More

Tips to Reduce Finance Charges on Car Loans

There are many different types of expenses which one has to bear when an asset is purchased. Assets purchased via financing options often end up costing much more. Thus, it becomes essential that these purchases are made after carefully considering all alternatives and details. The What: The average Indian will always think of buying a car and opting for financing. However, many a time hidd... >> More

Prepayment of Home Loan Vs EMI

Most people look to buy a home. It not only means that there is an asset which will only increase in value but also that there will be tax benefits. Further, the purchase of a home means no hassles of changing addresses at a number of places each time the rental agreement gets over or living under such fears. Home loans are usually the way which most people take to buy homes. This helps in balanci... >> More

Overview of Car Loan Interest Rates

The demand for four-wheelers has witnessed a considerable boost in recent times. Due to the availability of easy and quick loans people are getting attracted towards four wheelers. A wide range of cars being introduced in the market and you have a lot of options to choose from. Foreign companies are also introducing luxury models for Indian customers.   Advantages for having a car: T... >> More

Latest and Useful business Loans from ICICI Bank

ICICI bank is one of the most trusted and popular private sector banks in India. It has introduced a variety of services and innovative products which will meet your financial needs. Managing finance in an effective way is one of the most important components of any business. ICICI bank provides you with funds according to your specific business needs. Loans structure for SME companies: This... >> More

Education Loan from HDFC Bank

Now with the help of new loan facilities provided for education by HDFC bank, meritorious students can achieve their dream career. Simple and flexible loans terms make it easy for students to avail such type of services. The educational loan features of HDFC helps to facilitate the process of higher studies. Flexible tenure, post-graduation EMI facility and tax benefits make these educational loan... >> More

Best Home Loan schemes of 2015 in India

The real estate market may not be having the best of times but that does not mean people do not need to buy homes. The average middle class man in India purchases a home by using a home loan. The EMIs run for a good part of his career, such that by the time of retirement the home is his. The home loan market is very competitive and once you start looking for a new abode this reality will become an... >> More

A Brief Guide on NRI Home Loans

Non Resident Indians seem to have a great interest in buying homes in India. One of the reasons is the fact that they get a bigger bang for their foreign currency as well as the mental peace that they have a place in their home country as a last resort. There are various types of home loans such as a Home construction or extension or outright purchase as well as a Land buy loan. ICICI Bank has ... >> More

How to Avail Personal Loans?

Money management is a part of all our lives. It is something which we are doing as we read this article since it is a step towards that very goal. There are various needs which the average man faces when leading the modern lifestyle. It is these needs which often give rise to taking personal loans. It is taken for a number of reasons, such as purchasing household items, buying a home, making in... >> More

5 Reliable Ways To Get Best Mortgage Rates

The recession of 2007-08 was a big blow to the financial services sector. The common man since then has found it increasingly difficult to secure mortgage rates, which are viable in the long run. Hence, when choosing a financial institution one must keep the rating in mind which is basically a derivative of the performance of the institution in question. Hence, it becomes essential to keep a fe... >> More

Easy Steps To Improve Your Home Loan Eligibility

With rising price of lands, buying a home is becoming as expensive as ever. In this situation, the only option that people have is to look for home loans. The unfortunate news is that the availability of home loan is also decreasing rapidly. That means you now have a greater chance to be refused after applying for a home loan. Here we give you some tricks for increasing your home loan eligibility ... >> More

Do You Know The Process of Getting a Home Loan?

Home loans have become quite common now as paying a hefty amount of cash to builders is not an easy task for all. A lot of people take them though some are still apprehensive about the whole procedure, including, what kind of loan will suit them, how it will be processed, if it is better to go for a fixed mortgage rare or an adjustable one and similar questions. Here are some relevant information ... >> More

RBI Eases Lending Norms: Good News For Home Buyers!

In the latest news for home buyers India, RBI has recently allowed banks to increase their liquidity, which means that a lot of things can be changing especially in the real estate market. This is the best news for home buyers because they can expect changes and perhaps better rates. These rates can change depending on if the buyer is looking to purchase a home inside the city or outside. Benef... >> More

ICICI Bank Home Loan - Pros & Cons

Home loans have become a need of the hour for average Indian family who are on the lookout for purchasing their dream home. It is difficult to choose the best home loan company in India, since all companies have a set of products with their own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, here below find listed the pros and Cons of selecting a home loan from ICICI: For Resident Indians: Pros: i.... >> More

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