Jobs In Finance India

Jobs in Banks and Financial Sectors

It is the known fact that money powers the entire world today. Hence a career in finance is a sweet option provided you find the right path. Finance is divided into three vital categories; corporate, public and personal finance. Since money is the main aspect for all businesses, there is always a good demand for financial analysts, planners, executives and managers at all times and in the near f... >> More

Do not List for Bank Aptitude Test

Introduction: Competitive exams require one to form a well thought out strategy. Success rate in many of the exams in India are very low. In the Indian banking system, there a number of exams which are held nationally and bank wise offer many employment opportunities. Most banks other than the state bank of India take people from the common written examination. The examination is conducted by I... >> More

Finance and Accounting Career- A Guideline

Most students after clearing their high secondary examinations choose a field. A career in finance and accounting can be very high profiled and there will be different areas where you can specialise in. Unlike science and arts, commerce and finance provides you with lot of career options that you can pursue. Almost every organisation requires staffs that excel in accounting and financial works. ... >> More

Tips for Fresh Graduates to Opt a Career in Finance

The modern student plans what career he or she wants to pursue even before finishing high school. In India many contemporary courses like sports management, mass communication, fashion designing and hotel management are finding an audience. However, Science and Finance along with arts remain the main stays. Finance has become the choice of career for many. It usually does not come with targets ... >> More

Benefits You Reap From a Financial Services Career

The primary confusion most of our youth when it comes to earning money is what kind of education and job to do. There are many options today but it still depends on knowing what one wants and connecting that with one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Many still choose from vanilla options such as Marketing, finance and arts. Finance is an option which people who have an inclination towards ... >> More

Golden Tips for a Successful Finance Job Interview

Job interviews are not something one receives formal training. Hence, all those years of studying say CA or an MBA may very well not matter if the interview does not go well. The interview for a job means a lot of apprehension, and the ever looming dread of not knowing what the interviewer will ask them about. The confusion whether the question will be a case study or an impromptu current financ... >> More

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