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Invest your money wisely and earn lucrative income in future

Invest your money wisely and earn lucrative income in future We live in a world where money is everything. Most of us struggled to earn money in our earlier days, but today having gone the rough way most people want to make a wise investment for the future of their families. Investing doesn’t mean just putting all your money in a bank account or in a fixed deposit account. People are alway... >> More

Why is it necessary to make investments today?

Why is it necessary to make investments today? We live in a world where money is the axle that makes people go around it. No one is to be blamed for this situation it is purely the change in people’s lifestyle from then to now. At the same time there is nothing wrong in it provided we plan wisely and genuinely. It is our hard earned money that we are making plans to secure for a bright f... >> More

Interesting investment advice for 2016

Investors will be confused in trying to find out what is the best investment that is lucrative for 2016. Those who have been investing for over 5 to 6 years may find the decline of Sensex by 6% as a good investment. On the contrary, investors of over a year or two will agree that it is quite worrisome. However, the stock market is not a straight line and investors should be prepared to face some u... >> More

How to Invest in Your 30s

Investments are an essential part of saving money. Investments have evolved over time. The new age has brought new challenges with it even here. The investments have to be such which account for the ever changing volatile economic situations as much as is possible. Thus, as expenses go up, inflation rises, and goals such as children’s education and retirement savings hold one’s thought... >> More

2015 Tax and Investment Planning Tips

There are a number of options when it comes to saving tax in India and keeping the investment aspect in mind as well. Everyone wants to save tax. For this, people plan each year and in doing so aim to reduce their tax outlay. In 2015 the government brought in a few schemes and changed old rules. This meant that the old order had to change. Some of the ways in which Tax and Investment planning c... >> More

Effective Strategies to Get the Best of Mutual Fund SIP

When investing in mutual funds one has to look at a variety of factors. It is true they are a better option than the age old Indian options of post office schemes or the regular fixed deposits. However, one needs to understand the subtle nuances which are involved in selecting a mutual fund SIP scheme.       Focus and Ideas: People at the outset try to look at performance ... >> More

Read the Signs of Indian Stock Market with These Tips

Indian Stock market is highly fluctuating and it can be difficult for novice investors to read the sign and patterns of the stocks. Though predicting stock markets and equity markets are not easy but financial analysts use certain indicators and techniques to predict the movements in the market.   Following are a few fundamental indicators that help to predict the share market: Take into... >> More

Know All About Binary Options Trading in India

What is Binary Option? Binary options are estimation of performance of underlying assets during a fixed time frame. This is a type of option where the payoff can only take two possible outcomes, either some predefined units of some asset or some monetary amount, or nothing at all. The two popular types of binary options are-   The asset or nothing binary option. The cash or no... >> More

Financial Assistance Schemes for Women

Women entrepreneurs are becoming more and more successful in this competitive market and the government is also playing a vital in this growth. Women entrepreneurs are coming out in large numbers to setup their own ventures. The Indian government has also taken effective measures for promoting and empowering women entrepreneurs. A wide range of financial schemes have been introduced by several ban... >> More

Indian Stock Market Picture in 2015

Stock market offers both high risk and high reward. Stock market is highly volatile and changes every second. At first investors were afraid of investing in stock market because of the high risk but now the scenario has changed. More and more trading is being done and new investors are entering the market as they are provided with higher rate of return. Brief overview of the year 2014: The stoc... >> More

Pros and Cons of Gold Stock Investment

Investment is pivotal to wealth growth and also to ensure the financial future of self and family. We spend an immense amount of time thinking about it or at least we should. It is important and warrants the effort. If you are an Indian and thinking of beginning an investment portfolio then that means that you are considering more old school and proverbially safer options such as gold and governme... >> More

Top 5 Saving Schemes provided by Indian Banks

Indian banks have risen to the occasion and are now coming out with a number of lucrative saving schemes. Investment is an essential by product of earning since without it the erosion in earnings will be paramount. Hence, investors are always on the lookout for some low risk saving plans. There are many lucrative saving plans which are being offered. Each plan has a pro and a con and is design... >> More

10 Lethal Mistakes For Real Estate Investors

There are many different ways to go wrong in real estate investment. These are the top real estate investment mistakes so learn what they are before you start investing. This will help you make a profit and not losses. SIX REAL ESTATE MISTAKES TO AVOID 1.      You plan as you are going. This is a bad mistake because you should have everything planned in advance. You ... >> More

Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust

There are many real estate investment firms all over the world. These firms are in charge of investing in real estate and finding investors to finance the project. There are many different things to understand about these types of investment and most of them would be explained to you by the firm. This is also a good place to work. Many real estate investors have different areas they focus on in... >> More

Do You Actually Need a Financial Planner

Have you ever wondered if you need a financial planner? There is no real set limit that says you need to hire one, but if you feel more comfortable you should hire one of the best financial planners in India. There are a lot so make sure you research the best ones. There could be a single incident that makes you flock toward the  certified financial planners in India. This normally happens... >> More

Reasons why Indians like gold investment

A very important part of wealth management is investing the present corpus in such lucrative sources where the expected returns are commensurate to the risk involved and opportunity cost or returns in a comparable opportunity foregone for such investment. In India however gold is the most preferred source for investment due to a number of reasons such as:   Investment in gold has f... >> More

Why Real Estate Investment is More Attractive Nowadays

Investment is essential for the growth of wealth. One of the safest sources for investing has been real estate investment in India. This is a sector which is driven primarily by capital. The vicious circle here makes the construction costs go up as a result of higher land acquisition costs pushed up by capital. A notion has been doing the rounds that real estate investments have lost affordabil... >> More

Where to Invest Money For Higher Returns in India

The stock markets have gone into correction mode. They have been breaching new peaks for the last couple of months but will for a while be in check mode. The common query is that where should one invest money for higher returns or gains.   1.) IPOs:   In 2014, this is a great option. The returns from investments in this segment were around 65% in 2013. The Short term dips do not ta... >> More

Best Investment Options in India

The year 2014 and the times ahead are expected to bring around a turn in fortunes for the world economy. For the past year or so the investors have been yearning for some real returns on physical as well as financial assets. The stock market is going through the roof at the moment and Gold and silver no longer seem set for an upward trend. Realties: The sector is giving mixed reactions and... >> More

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