Travel Insurance And Why You Need It

Any kind of Insurance is not an answer today. The modern day life and times have necessitated the creation of insurance products which are dedicated to specific aspects of life such as business risk, life, home, and vehicle, other assets, travel as well as fidelity insurance for business terms. Travel Insurance is not mere luxury for peace of mind it is an essential tool to keep you safe from unforeseen liabilities that may arise due to a number of scenarios.

The need for travel insurance is paramount today when people are travelling so much for business as well as pleasure with ever advancing technology making it very easy and enjoyable.

What does it entail?

An insurance policy to protect against liabilities and losses arising from baggage or personal documents loos such as clothes or passport, accidents, hospitalisation and such other instances. It can be availed today at the click of a few buttons.

Needs and benefits:

  • Protection against damage or delay or losses due to loss of critical documents like visas and passports as well as missing of flights.


  • Emergency assistance in case of international travel as well as other pertinent claims during international travel. They cover medical problems which may arise as well as emergencies such as an air evacuation as well. (Some trekking agents and special activities providers make it a mandatory requirement although the policy should be checked for the same.)


  • Allows for easy cashless facility even when travelling.


  • There are countries which have it as a mandatory requisite.


  • They provide mental peace and cover against various unforeseen events which might lead to financial loss or other damage.


  • One must at the time of policy purchase check whether the expenses for hospitals and doctors are reimbursable or cash less.


  • It must also be clear that there are certain items which such insurance will not cover. They are general exclusions which almost no insurance does such as loss due to a natural calamity or an act of god event like a tsunami or hurricane, self harm or suicide attempt, for visit to a known dangerous area such as war torn or with religious and communal violence issues and pre- existing health issues. There are only a handful of companies which cover parasailing, bungee jumping kind of hazardous adventure sports related accidents.

There are various options and some do not even require a medical check up till the age of 70. There are covers specially designed for employees, families, senior citizen as well as student travel.

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