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Life insurance will keep you happy and stress free

Life insurance will keep you happy and stress free Life is precious and hence we should value this life at all times. However, death is certain for everyone and hence while living we should provide for the family even after death, especially when you are bread winner of the family. Looking for a good life insurance policy is the right choice for all of us today. However, with so many life in... >> More

Medical insurance is the best solution to beat medical bills

Medical insurance is the best solution to beat medical bills Health is today’s world is a real threat with the introduction of many rare illness. Hence to be able to handle the monetary part when treating these ailments is to acquire a decent and genuine medical insurance policy. However, finding a genuine medical insurance policy may pose a bigger threat than the ailment itself. Here ... >> More

Choosing the best car insurance policies wisely

As a first step when choosing car insurance it is wise to compare the different policy options with a few agencies. When the agencies say ‘full coverage’ it means that the full coverage within the particular agency’s guiding policies and principles. Hence, it is always good to do a comparison with many agencies before settling for the best among these. Mostly, car owners look... >> More

Travel Insurance and Why You Need It

Any kind of Insurance is not an answer today. The modern day life and times have necessitated the creation of insurance products which are dedicated to specific aspects of life such as business risk, life, home, and vehicle, other assets, travel as well as fidelity insurance for business terms. Travel Insurance is not mere luxury for peace of mind it is an essential tool to keep you safe from unfo... >> More

Institutes to Trust for Insurance Education in India

Insurance is a very important aspect of life and business today and hence there is a need for professionals to be there with the right educational background. There are many which are recognised by the Government of India and IRDA or Insurance Regulatory Development authority of India as well. The institutes which can be trusted to provide quality education are:   The Institute of ... >> More

Is Insurance The Right Option This Tax Season

The financial year is at an end and most people are busy with yearend work load. However, another nagging variable which is common to all is tax planning to reduce the net taxes payable to the government. Many may have already done a forecasting and accordingly planned out money management in a manner so as to facilitate the deduction securing investment purchases. One of the most popular inves... >> More

Term Insurance: Your First Step in Financial Planning

Financial planning must be at the heart of money management objectives of every individual. In order to reach a goal one needs to have a plan. When we think about the financial planning process, it is about securing the future lifestyle we intend to have. Financial planning involves the appropriate administration of financial resources so as to structure a road map for the financial well being ... >> More

The boon of insurance for your young one

The responsibility of parenting is enormous. From the moment one comes to know that have been blessed with this ultimate gift, preparations of all forms begin - buying toys, reading all kinds of books on the topic and in some cases even taking classes. However, the challenges of raising another person involve more. In India investing in a life insurance for a child is popular because of the pay ou... >> More

Claiming health insurance Know what you need to

The WHY and BASIS of selecting HEALTH COVER: The decision to get coverage for probable health issue in the future should be done with a fair amount of thought. When deciding upon the insurer for your medical issues, the matter of claiming health Insurance, India especially plays a pivotal role in the decision making process. Things to keep in mind when selecting the type of cover would be: T... >> More

All About Personal Accident Insurance Policies in India

Personal accident insurance policy is not something a lot of people have, but they should. The personal accident insurance policy will cover the person insured if they die accidentally, are accidentally disabled and much more. There are a few top places to buy the insurance policies, but one should research them first. One of these accident insurance policies India can help you if you are hosp... >> More

What's More Important For Insurance? Your Car or You?

Insurance in the modern times is something just as essential as the entity getting insured. People usually do not mind spending large sums on the best health insurance policies for family; however for car insurance they prefer lesser premiums. However, people do not wish to spend as much on life insurance. There are countries which mandate that vehicle operation without at least insurance for t... >> More

Looking For secondary Health Insurance?

The only thing certain is change and with that there is always a certain risk. Insurance coverage is sought by millions round the world to best protect against unforeseen detrimental events. Usually people select a primary insurance in accordance to their needs and budget and remain satisfied. However, sometimes an accident or an event in the life of someone you know may cause a rethink. The... >> More

Six Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Insurance Agent in India

The importance of insurance cannot be stressed enough in today’s times. However, there are times people prey on these emotions and hence it is essential to have a good advisor or agent especially when selecting a medical insurance in India. The uncertainties which we encounter on a day to day basis teach how one should prepare for a rainy day. Insurance does not symbolise a state of perpetu... >> More

How to Choose Life Insurance Policy in India

Life insurance policy in India means a number of products to choose from. It can be quite confusing since each product has its pros and cons. However, the fragile financial scenario and tumultuous state of the economy, life insurance cover for family and self has become vital. Hence, the following steps: Whenever one goes for purchasing the best life insurance policy in India, the first a... >> More

How to Choose Health Insurance Policy in India

Life expectancy has improved in recent years however one can never predict the onslaught of a disease or such other ailment or accident for that matter. One must invest a fair amount of thought process in the selection of the same by comparing the vast array of health insurance options available for Health Insurance policy in India. Hence the following tips should come in good stead when decidin... >> More

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