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Top 4 Financial Tools for Your Asset Management

The basic meaning of asset management is to maintain the existing assets in the most profitable manner possible to procure the best return. Asset management is very common term used in the financial world to describe agencies and professionals who manage investments on behalf of others. There are many financial tools that people use to get a better knowledge about their investments and the options... >> More

Essential Financial Planning Tools That You Should know!

Financial planning is carried out by many. Some are true professionals and some simply claim to know. Financial planning can become a costly affair. However, for those who do not possess the right skills it can become costlier still if they do not follow a well thought out strategy to plan the investments of their hard earned money. Proper financial planning must be preceded by setting the apt... >> More

Here's how to plan for a disabled childs finances

Planning finances is a prudent thing to do and many people do it. Each person has their own objectives and consequently respective stratagems. While, Child financial planning for most people has just aspects like health, education and lifestyle, parents of special children have a more formidable task to contend with here.   For special children parents, financial planning must be done beyon... >> More

4 Ways to manage your Personal Finances better

Financial management is something which people today perform very seriously. Personal finances while not as complicated as corporate financial issues. Personal financial planning as a basic step necessitates the inculcation of a habit to save on a regular basis. It maybe a small sum initially but gradually it will turn into a routine which will hold you in good stead in long term. Money management... >> More

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Financial Advisors 2014

There are many different mobile apps for financial advisors regardless of what phone or tablet you are using. There are many that are available for the iphone as well as the ipad. When you think about downloading these applications you should think about how they will help make your work easier. Here are the top 10 application. 1.    Dropbox – This application will allow ... >> More

Top 5 iPad Personal Apps For Finance

The world is a complex place to be with challenging life styles. This puzzling and trying scenario is somewhat alleviated by the modern day tools. Implements such as the smart phone, iPad and notebooks allow us the freedom of reducing the encumbrances of the daily vagaries.  Personal finance apps for iPad are many but here an attempt has been made to select a few of the top iPad apps for per... >> More

The 10 Best Mobile Apps for Finance

In today’s times smart phones have changed the way we manage our finances. Hence, here we outline the top 10 mobile apps for finance which people are using and have found to be of great use for managing their finances. 1.) Expense manager: (Free) Markus Hintersteiner has created the ultimate expense logger and budgeting app. It allows the input of expenses and custom categories for easy ... >> More

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