Significance Of Adhar Card

USA has an SSN or social security numbers, the United Kingdom has NINs or National Insurance numbers while Canada has SIN or Social Insurance Numbers. India in this endeavour has followed a middle path. They had Voter Identification numbers. However, these proved inadequate to meet the modern times. Hence, the advent of Aadhar Cards or UID or Unique Identification Numbers happened.
The Need:

In the prevalent systems such as voter ID or ration cards – one was unable to truly judge authenticity. Thus, Nandan Nilekani and his team of professionals designed a system which would factor in Biometric signatures of an individual. It meant that the government would have access to a person’s retina scans and finger prints. All this data would identify beyond any doubt the citizen.
The Process:

The process is lengthy will need more time to complete. The 12 digit unique ID number is as of now not mandatory and as per the Supreme Court, the government cannot deny any service to a citizen due to the lack of the same. However, many schemes mandate this as a pre requisite.


  • The world record creating scheme from the new prime minister of the nation requires an individual to be equipped with an Aadhar card. The scheme allows one to have accident insurance, RuPay card and a zero balance savings account – all at no cost.
  • LPG subsidy on the allowed number of cylinders also comes into one’s bank account when they are linked with the UID or Aadhar card number. Other schemes which require the aadhar number are Atal Pension Yojna, PM Suraksha Bima Yojana and PM Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna among others.
  • Further, the passport application process becomes simplified if one has an aadhar number. One can get one in as soon as 10 days. The advantage is opposed to the general rule, since the police verification will occur at a later date in this.
  • One can apply for a PAN number in 48 hours time in case UID is available.
  • The government is also offering a Digital locker to people for storing personal documents on government servers. This also requires the person to have a linked up Aadhar number.
  • It is now considered a valied identification document by banks and even the Securities and Exchange board of India. Monthly pension and provident fund will also require these numbers.

The practical real time applications of this are innumerable. Many not having manifested yet! Such as a person’s police records, academic an even credit history can all be linked to this one number and glanced at one go.

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