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Understanding GST and the Indian Taxation structure

Understanding GST and the Indian Taxation structure Revenue gained by taxes is a major source of income for the Indian government. This income by tax is used for the implementation of various projects for the nation’s development purpose. The various types of taxes are decided by State and Central government in connivance with the municipal and local corporation authorities. No governmen... >> More

Creating NEW India with Slum Transformation

The Shift: Urbanisation is one of the most impact factors which India is faced with today. We can well understand this from the fact that around 160 million people have been part of the exodus to the cities in the previous two decades. The issue with slum transformation has been that it has largely been limited to large cities due to the politics involved. The current programmes have a focus on... >> More

Significance of Adhar Card

USA has an SSN or social security numbers, the United Kingdom has NINs or National Insurance numbers while Canada has SIN or Social Insurance Numbers. India in this endeavour has followed a middle path. They had Voter Identification numbers. However, these proved inadequate to meet the modern times. Hence, the advent of Aadhar Cards or UID or Unique Identification Numbers happened.   The Ne... >> More

How Elections Affect Indian Economy

The What: Any economy feels the before and after effects of a change in regime. Elections per se have an effect whether there is a change in management or not. Popular research shows that in election years there is a greater effort from Politicians towards public works. This is quite clearly comprehensible. The greatest visibility which they can achieve is by making radical changes through the ... >> More

Indian Economy After Emergence of Modi Government

Introduction: The Indian Economy has been under tremendous pressure. The global downturn of 2008 had an impact. However, what hurt more was a leadership which was indecisive and lacked the courage to follow through on its claims.  The year 2014 saw Indian leadership get a new face amongst much anticipation and expectation. While the exact verdict on the performance of by Mr. Modi is still ... >> More

Indian Economy 2015- Reforms and Resurgence

The Indian economy has witnessed tremendous growth during recent years with GDP of $2.3 trillion. The Indian economy has witnessed rapid growth due to the new government reforms and policies. The first quarter of the current fiscal year showed great prospects and the World Bank considers India as the fastest developing economy at a projected rate of 7.5% in 2015. Considering the present trend the ... >> More

Indian Government's Financial Aid for Small Scale Businesses

The Government of India is taking a lot of measures to facilitate small scale business sectors. A broad variety of financing schemes are being introduced to help small businesses to expand.  Small businesses contribute largely to the economy and helps in job creation. The Government assigns loans to businesses based on their association and size.   Public Sector Financial Institutions:... >> More

Small Businesses Improve Indian Economic Stature

Small businesses have always been around and made their own substantial contributions towards society and the economy at large. Social and economic progress can be achieved by industrialisation. However, small and medium scale enterprises will form industrial development’s spinal cord. In order to improve the stature of the economy people today believe a two pronged approach is required. ... >> More

India-China Trade - An updated Study

India is expected to improve its economic growth in the coming times with the current fiscal itself looking up as far as growth rate is concerned. India is looking at more avenues to increase local production options so as to reduce its import bill and consequently deficit. Our neighbouring nation China is also looking to explore opportunities to further their economic interests as well. In this e... >> More

2015 Planning for Economic Growth in India

Economic growth is when a country is growing in all peripheries and not restricted to well being in a limited set of aspects. The First world or developed countries have a different set of challenges while developing a nation like India has different goals. The Indian economy is currently looking to up its growth from being sluggish in the recent past with a relatively new government at the Centre... >> More

Agriculture - A vital Part of India's Economic Growth

India wants to shrug off the tag of a developing nation. It wants to grow at a significant pace if it wants to have even a semblance of a chance to keep up with China. However, there is cause for concern here since in 2014-15 the sector which employs more than 49% of the Indian work force grew at a measly 1.1%. In the first decade of the century Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Haryana and Delhi are some o... >> More

A Brief on India's Monetary Policies

The policy which is designed by the central bank of a nation keeping in perspective the Macro goals for the economy is known as the Monetary Policy of a country. It essentially comprises the management of key aspects such as interest rate and money supply controls. These refer to the demand side of the economic policy which are controlled to attain the liquidity, growth, consumption and inflation ... >> More

India Union Budget 2014-2015 - Quick Overview

Around 1.2 billion people comprise the largest democracy of the world. After a resounding victory, the new government which came in to power based on its promises of development presented its first budget on July 10th, 2014. The same received the president’s assent and became applicable from 6th August, 2014. The following are highlights of India's 2014 budget: Changes made in Direct taxe... >> More

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