Use Credit Cards For Hassle Free Shopping

Use credit cards for hassle free shopping

Shopping is no more a luxury it is the latest trend. Everyone today loves to go shopping for no reason at all. We don’t wait for occasions or events to go shopping. We have today hundreds of shopping malls that lure people in for no reason.

However, shopping is a very interesting hobby for many. At the same time we should be aware of the thieves who are looking out for eager shoppers who get distracted while shopping and get robbed of their wallets etc.

Use your credit card for shopping:

To be rid of this trauma of having to cope with thieves it’s better to use plastic money, credit card to be more precise. Credit cards can be safe since they are protected with a PIN and an EMV chip that does not allow anyone to use it.

You can use this card not only when you are out shopping but also when you feel like shopping online for items that you can’t get in and around your city area.

Your bank offers you the facility of receiving an SMS whenever your card is being used. Hence, if you suspect any fraudulent usage you can immediately call you customer care and report about the fraudulent transaction at once.

Besides shopping other benefits of credit card:

1.You can book your flight. Train or bus tickets using your card and also avail many discounts and cash back schemes that are offered from time to time.

2.Certain credit cards even offer refund on fuel surcharges.

3.If you are a primary card holder you can add on your family members at no extra fee.

If you are above the age of 18 and if you have the requirement minimum amount in your bank account you automatically are eligible to apply for a credit card. However, proof of income and address is mandatory if you are applying for the first time.

Availing a credit card and using it may all seem very interesting and easy but the most important part in maintaining a credit card is that you should pay your dues in time to avoid having to pay heavy interest rates and late fee charges.

If this habit is not maintained then shopping will be enjoyable only for a short time because if dues are not paid your card will get blocked and you will fall into the debt trap. Shop happily and stay safe from thieves and also from the debt trap.

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