Top 10 Best Credit Cards For 2015

Credit cards have become a much needed tool for managing life in the proverbial fast lane which is modern day life. Today in India a number of national and global banks are plying their trade and offering a very wide range of credit card products. Some of them are:

  • The ICICI bank HPCL Coral credit card is one with no joining fee but an annual fee of Rs. 199/-. The same can be waived off if the spending across the year is more than Rs.50,000/-. Further, the joining fee may also be waived if within 60 days of joining spending to the tune of at least Rs.5000/- is made.


  • The State Bank S.B.I. Platinum card is another popular card due to the instant sign up gifts worth Rs.3000 which one receives. It allows entry into over 200 golf courses across the planet, free priority access to airport lounges, reward points for purchases as well as receive benefits worth Rs. 12,000 each year. However, it has a one-time joining fee of about Rs. 2999/-.


  • The Standard chartered inner circle Titanium Credit Card is also much popular due to being without any annual charges or admission fee. It provides cash back facility as well as points redemption.


  • If the main idea is shopping then ICICI instant platinum credit card. The card access is instant against a fixed deposit. For scenarios where outstanding balances are paid off in a timely manner no interest is charged with no annual fee. The fixed deposit must be for a minimum of 180 days and of minimum value Rs.20000/-.


  • Citibank rewards card is also very popular due to its apparel and departmental store expenses getting 10 times the purchase worth of reward points and users also get 1500 points on initial activation.


  • The Standard Chartered platinum rewards credit card is not quite popular due to annual renewal charges of Rs.750/- from the second year onwards apart from an initial entry fee of Rs.399/-.


  • The Citibank platinum credit card is also popular but primarily for those who are frequent travellers with specific discounts on travel, dining and various entertainment expenses.


  • The HDFC Bank diner’s premium credit card is also very handy due to the special offers and discounts which it keeps providing to those who frequent restaurants and eateries.



  • The HSBC Platinum card due to the 10% cash back on all first 90 day purchases and 5 and 3 times rewards for specific spending.

Thus, one must carefully choose as per one’s needs.

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