How To Resolve Credit Card Complaints

There was a time when an average household could not afford many things due to lack of corpus. Credit cards with their easy repayment schemes changed all that. A credit card complaints procedure is often not known to many and hence people suffer the injustice of incorrect charges on their cards.

Many times we find that our credit card bill statements carry charges which should not be there. One cannot ignore this as it would mean that the amount due would keep increasing with each new bill cycle. Hence, one may follow the following steps:

Step retrace:
The first move has to be to go back and resolve the matter through dialogue with the merchant. This must be attempted with the absolute courtesy and politeness. However, the customer must be reasonable and prompt with approach.

Complaint registration with Bank:
The next step is to get in touch with the concerned bank. HDFC bank credit card complaints in this regard have a well laid out process. The first step for a customer is to contact the phone banking officer through one of the toll free helpline numbers. If that does not work, one should file an online complaint at the relevant email id. One may then visit the bank and thereafter if need be send a letter to the designated office.
Escalation of complaint:
In case initial steps fail, ICICI credit card complaints procedure also involves just like HDFC, an escalation to the grievance redressal officer and thereafter a Nodal officer. If all stages of internal complaints fail to provide the desired resolution, a final deadlock letter should be issued so as to take the case to the next phase of complaints involving a third party.

Approach the Banking Ombudsman:
The Reserve Bank of India has appointed Banking Ombudsmen for different areas for easy and low cost resolution of banking service related customer queries. The credit card ombudsman is to be approached depending on the customer’s billing address as that will determine the territorial jurisdiction. An award of up to Rs. 1 lakh maybe provided subject to changes made by RBI from time to time, for harassment and mental agony suffered in case of credit card operation related complaints.

Approach the courts:
This should be the last resort and should be exercised after all other options have been exhausted and also after taking accurate legal advice.

SBI credit card complaints clearly states that it is covered under the Banking Ombudsman scheme of 2006 and is also known for its speedy and transparent grievance redressal most of the times.

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