Basic Guide On Choosing The Right ICICI Credit Card

Credit cards are e need today for many. They allow people to defer payments by the standard 50 days of credit at zero cost. Various banks offer different kinds of credit cards with different features. Hence, one must be careful in selecting one. The card must meet the needs for which it is sought and probable benefits should outweigh other options when compared to cost.

ICICI bank has many great options in this. Some of them are:

Coral Credit Card:

The card offers twice the reward points for spends at super markets, groceries and eateries. One also gets complimentary lounge visits at Indian domestic airports limited two per quarter as well as a Provogue tie as a welcome gift. One can also get 2 tickets for watching films at theatres booked via the book my show application. It offers discounts of at least 15% at over 800 restaurants across the country.

Coral American Express Credit Card:

This card also offers a Provogue tie as a joining gift, 2 picture tickets via book my show along with twice the amount spent at super markets, groceries and eateries as reward points. Online spending will bring in 50% reward points more. The American express factor provides complimentary access to a few chosen lounges at airports in India.

Coral Contactless Credit Card:

This card allows twice the amount spent as rewards, for purchases at super markets, groceries and dining outlets. It also offers the standard book my show 2 free movie tickets a month via the one for one free scheme. It also offers at least 15% off in over more than 800 dining options across the country. It also offers complimentary airport lounge access limited to 2 per quarter. The highlight is the contactless technology which makes payments more secure since the card does not leave the customer’s hand as in a swipe.

Sapphiro Credit Cards:

The card comes with a large joining fee of Rs.6000/-. However, a set of high quality Bose earphones are given as a joining gift. The card gets one priority access to in excess of 600 VIP lounges across the globe. It also offers a complementary round of golf each month at a course of the customer’s choice if the prior month spending had cross Rs.1,00,000/-. It offers opportunities to earn rewards from both partner brands as well as payback. The Sapphiro Platinum American Express credit card allows one to earn 50% more reward points than the regular card. The regular card offers 2 rewards and 4 reward points for domestic and international spends.

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