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Use credit cards for hassle free shopping

Use credit cards for hassle free shopping Shopping is no more a luxury it is the latest trend. Everyone today loves to go shopping for no reason at all. We don’t wait for occasions or events to go shopping. We have today hundreds of shopping malls that lure people in for no reason. However, shopping is a very interesting hobby for many. At the same time we should be aware of the thieves... >> More

Credit cards are beneficial only when it is used wisely

Credit cards are beneficial only when it is used wisely Plastic money is another term used for credit and debit cards today. Every bank today has given its customers access to these cards which are very useful during emergencies or any untoward situations. There are many types of credit cards that you can choose from according to your lifestyle and budget. Every card offers you good benefits... >> More

Debt Consolidation - How to Consolidate Credit Card Debts

If you are applying for a credit card for the first time, it may all seem very juicy and grand. However, if you do maintain a good credit card score then you can survive and enjoy the benefits of using the card. On the other hand, in most cases, card users tend to exceed their limit and only use their credit cards without thinking of repaying their debts.  Within a year or two you find that y... >> More

The pros and cons of using credit cards

Today is the plastic money age and almost everyone is using debit and credit cards instead of real money. This however may seem very versatile and safe, but on the other hand, if you use your debit card, you are totally safe. Then what about those credit card users? It’s not a bad idea too as long as it is used in the right way and for the right purpose.  If you use a credit card wise... >> More

All About SBI Cards

Credit cards will always be considered that tool which brought a living condition much beyond means available to people in India. These provide the opportunity to make high value purchases and then delay or spread the payment over a period of time. The state bank of India is one of the largest banks in India. It has a number of offerings in credit cards which are: SBI Signature Card: This ... >> More

Basic Guide on Choosing the right ICICI Credit Card

Credit cards are e need today for many. They allow people to defer payments by the standard 50 days of credit at zero cost. Various banks offer different kinds of credit cards with different features. Hence, one must be careful in selecting one. The card must meet the needs for which it is sought and probable benefits should outweigh other options when compared to cost. ICICI bank has many grea... >> More

Why Are Credit Cards the Easiest Tools to Shop With

In today’s times needs are many but the means to fulfil them are few at times. For instance, it is not possible to satisfy all wants with a fixed monthly income whether from salary or business. Further, there is opportunity cost for either not being able to exploit a brief window of chance or investment sanctity. Hence, brief bursts of liquidity help tide over these moments. This is provided... >> More

Top 10 Credit Card Myths and Realities

Credit cards have become an unnecessary nuisance of our day to day life. They are essential at times in case of emergencies like medical exigencies. However, the allied liabilities and charges for the credit money available is quite stressful. The average person does not realise that using credit card is just as good as paying money out of the pocket at the time of use. This often creates a delusi... >> More

Tips to Stay Away From Credit Card Debts!

Everyone today is exposed to the lives of the rich and the famous. While it is a dream to live the big life very few get round to doing it. This has resulted in an overall escalation in desires and given birth to unnecessary needs. The credit card is a banking product which has brought about a way to lead a better life, one which would otherwise be beyond one’s means.There are many who wh... >> More

Top 10 Best Credit Cards for 2015

Credit cards have become a much needed tool for managing life in the proverbial fast lane which is modern day life. Today in India a number of national and global banks are plying their trade and offering a very wide range of credit card products. Some of them are:   The ICICI bank HPCL Coral credit card is one with no joining fee but an annual fee of Rs. 199/-. The same can be waived... >> More

How to Close a Credit Card?

Credit cards are today a very popular means of living a lifestyle which back in the day would have been beyond the reach of an average salary earner. The process of how to close a credit card the right way especially when they become a menace is quite critical. The question which often plagues us is whether to stay with an old credit card or give it up for one which has better benefits. There ... >> More

How it works Credit card Balance Transfers

Credit card balance transfers for fair credit is common today. Credit card balance transfers in very simple terms refer to the swap of credit cards whereby the old credit card with a higher rate of interest is given up in favour of a lower interest rate credit card. It involves shifting a part or the entire debt to another financial credit provider to another so as to take the benefit of interest ... >> More

How to resolve credit card complaints

There was a time when an average household could not afford many things due to lack of corpus. Credit cards with their easy repayment schemes changed all that. A credit card complaints procedure is often not known to many and hence people suffer the injustice of incorrect charges on their cards. Many times we find that our credit card bill statements carry charges which should not be there. One... >> More

Tips On Selecting A Credit Card In India

Credit cards are different from debit cards in that they are not a part of money which is already ours. It is usually draw against future probable income. The average family has many needs in today’s times hence credit cards have become a tool of immense utility in order to satisfy various essential as well as non essential needs. A few tips for making the right choice the very first ... >> More

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