How To Sell Your House Faster And For A Better Price

The pleasure of buying a house of your own is always very special. At the same, for reasons untold there may come a time when you want to sell your house. There many dos and don’ts when you decide to sell your house and want to get potential buyers. Here are a few useful tips that can help you sell your house faster and even fetch a higher price.

1. Painting - though you may think that your house looks quite good and clean, it may not look the same to the buyer’s eye. Any tiny wear marks will give the idea of the house being unkempt. Choose the latest colour choice in the market and use a few rollers on the walls to brighten it up.

2. Lighting – make sure this is improved and up to date. Poor lighting and vintage fixtures can pose a threat when selling your house. Unless the buyer is happy with the vintage and prefers it to the state of the art fixtures, it’s always best to make the change.

3. De-clutter – this is very vital. No buyer will like to see a cluttered house. Give away to charity all that is not required which includes furniture, utensils, clothes etc. try to keep the place uncluttered. Make sure the closets are clutter free as this is the first point that attracts the eye of your buyers. The less clutter the bigger the house will seem to be.

4. Give a facelift to the toilet and bathrooms – No one will like to use a stained toilet seat. Without spending much money on this renovation, you can first attempt a good cleaning service to clean the tiles and then use some new lighting techniques and new paint for the walls to make it look appealing enough. Add some new bath mats and also simply place a vase with some fresh flowers in the room.

5. Check the style of the doors and windows and do the necessary repair works and repainting. Make sure the windows allow enough light into the room. Remove old curtains and if necessary put up some linen or cotton drapes especially during the open house times.

After all this, the main aspect lies with the pricing of the house. You should take the advice of a real estate agent or get more information by reading newspapers or you can even go online and make a comparison of prices for similar houses in your local area.

Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and ask yourself what is the right price you can give for the house and then fix the rate. Be open to negotiations so that you don’t lose a good deal.


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