Expert Money Saving Tips On House Buying

When you are looking to buy property or even a home in India there are many different tips and ways to save money. There are many different tips nri buying property India, which would have different rules and regulations.

Home Buying Tips in India:

There are many different home buying tips in India that should be followed. Some of them are simple and don't need to be explained, but here are the top ones. 

1.      Make sure you should buy at this point in time.

2.      Figure out how much of a mortgage payment you can afford. This will tell you how much you can afford and the range of houses to look at.

3.      Figure out the exact cost of purchasing including fees for the mortgage, valuation, legal, survey and other costs.

4.      One of the best real estate buying tips is make sure you aren't taking out the maximum loan. If you take a lower loan there are better chances of being able to afford things comfortably.

5.      Look online for homes on sale. This would be a starting point for you to find a home.

6.      Make sure you can get a mortgage by checking your credit score before applying.

7.      Try to figure out the housing market. Are the prices going down, up or staying steady? If they are going up how long have the prices been increasing? If you can wait and see if the prices go down, then that is the best thing.

8.      Make sure you like the neighborhood. This is important because if you are buying rental property tips because renters will look for houses in a particular neighborhood.

9.      Get as many answers out of the real estate agent as you can. You can figure out if they are telling the truth depending on their comfort level when you ask certain questions.

10.  Try to take photos. If you can take photos so the homes can be viewed again. This will help you make a final decision and review all of the homes. Also, try to visit the home at different times of the day so you can see the home differently.

11.  Look for certain things including damp spots, ceilings, doors, windows, switches and other necessities to ensure that they work.

12.  Visit the neighbors. This will give you a clue about them and the neighborhood as well.

13.  Look for people who are willing to lower the price of the home.

14.  Also, if you are planning to sell the house at a later point look at the potential for reselling.

15.  If there are newer houses being built in the area look at those first. This is a good thing because then if modifications are allowed you can change the floor plan to your specifications.

 Why you should follow these tips:

There are many different reasons you should follow these tips, but most important because these tips will help you know what to look for. Look around and enjoy the search, but don't feel pressured to purchase anything if you aren't sure about it.


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