Western Union

The Western Union Company is financial company that is renowned for its money transfer services all over the world.

The Western Union Company is known to connect people and businesses by offering a reliable and fast way of sending money. It is a 160 years old company with branches in over 200 locations around the world.
Some of the services that they offer include:

Send Money

Sending money has never been this easy and with the Western Union Company, you can send money from any corner of the world to any other corner of the world. You can send money online and all you need to do for that is open an account with them. You can also send cash in person as the Western Union Company has more than 500,000 agents who would collect the money and transfer it.  You can also send money via phone to someone who is staying away from home.

Receive Money

The Western Union Company can also help you in receiving money that is being sent to you from some other place either as cash or as bank deposit. You can also receive money in your prepaid card or mobile wallet.
Pay Bills

Western Union Company also makes paying bills easy and offers various modes of payments as well.
Western Union Company also offer prepaid cards that lets you shop easily and pay your bills, send and receive money as well.

The Western Union Company and India

India is developing country with one of the highest GDP growth rates and the entire world are looking for investment options in this country as India is the home to the largest middle class population. Moreover, there are many aspiring students and professionals who work in different countries of the world and need to send back money home and for them the Western Union Company is nothing less than God.

Western Union is a name that they trust and moreover, this company has tied up with some of the major national banks of India like SBI, UBI, UCO Bank, PNB to name only a few to reach every nook and corner of the country. India Post, BPCL etc. are some of their Indian agents.

The Western Union Money Transfer is the most popular and reliable mode of sending money for the Indians who stay abroad and vice versa. This company offer great customer services and all their processes are extremely hassle free making things even easier.

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