is a general site that guides investor regarding where to invest in the Indian stock market. This site reviews past performances of shares and mutual funds and hence, helps you to take your investment decisions. All you need to do is open a trading account in any of the banks and start investing in shares and mutual funds through

It is a site that helps you to manage your money online and also helps you to keep a track of your investments. Latest articles by experts and latest news are published daily, so that you can take your investment decisions wisely.
Services offered lets you decide on your mutual fund investment. All the past performances are mentioned and there is also a list named “best funds to buy” that offers you the list of the best performing mutual funds in the market.
So, if you are new in the market… can actually help you to take the right decisions so that you do not end up making huge amount of losses.
You can log in to in search of properties as well or if you are looking real estate investment options anywhere in India. They have collaborated with and offer the current ongoing prices per square feet in different parts of the country. This is another reason why this site has become very popular as people find it easier to locate properties through them.

They offer you a leaning kit and various other tools that make things easier for you. There are articles which have the advices of the experts in terms of investing in insurance, retirement plans, etc. There is also a tax planning section and a retirement planning section as well.

You can create your online trading portfolio from this section. The portfolio management tool is possibly the best thing that this website offers. It lets you manage your stocks and shares easily. It is always not possible to join professional classes to learn about online trading.
Popularity in India happens to be the leading internet portal in India and has a traffic rank of 36. This site is highly popular amongst Indian investors as it contains all the details regarding IPOs, mutual funds, FPOs etc.
Conclusion is site that teaches everything related to the stock market and guides you in each step you take. In short, this is best place from where you can start as far as your investments are concerned.

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