MarketWatch is a financial information website that provides all kinds of information related to the stock and share market. It also publishes business news, stock market data and their analysis so that investors can make their investment decisions based on these. MarketWatch operated in partnership with CBS news in the past and was taken over by Dow Jones in the year 2005.
Services offered

Just like other similar websites, MarketWatch offers a variety of services to make investment decisions easy. MarketWatch lets you decide on your mutual fund investment. All the past performances are mentioned and analyzed and hence, it becomes easier for you to choose the company you want to invest in, so that you get good returns in the long run. MarketWatch has all details of the market performance as well and hence, it guides you regarding the volatility and risk of the market as well.
The site also offers all types personal finance information and there are real time investment tools and commentary by dedicated stock and share experts and journalists all throughout the day when the markets in the US, Europe and Asia are open. You will get all types of information, data, prices and everything else related to the trading market from this site and hence, you will have a fair idea about how the market is performing and there are also posts regarding future performances as well allowing you to take your investment decisions wisely. There are also articles regarding how the different economies are performing in various parts of the world.
There are articles which have the advices of the experts in terms of investing in insurance, retirement plans, etc. There is also and a retirement planning section as well that lets you make your retirement plans. There is also the portfolio section that lets you manage your stocks and shares easily.
Popularity in India

MarketWatch is quite popular in the country and it along with similar sites are used by millions investors of the country to get information regarding the stock market of India. This website publishes unbiased articles and hence, is trusted by many. Moreover, these articles are of immense help for someone who is new in the field.


MarketWatch advices are trusted by people from all over the world and this site actually helps people in taking the right investment decisions and guides them as well and can become your best friend if you are an investor.

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