About the company

IndiaInfoline is one of the leading financial service companies in India. This company was promoted by first generation entrepreneurs of the country. They have diversified business model that includes everything related to finance like wealth management, credit and finance, asset management, financial product distribution, investment banking and finally capital market advisory.

They serve more than 2 million customers with their retail focused model and half of this number include first time customers who sell advice regarding investments in mutual funds, insurance and everything else.
Services offered

Credit and Finance: The NBFC loan book has a diversified portfolio that includes:

•    Home loans

•    Healthcare Equipment and Financing

•    Commercial Vehicle Financing

•    Loans Secured against property and many more.

IndiaInfoline helps you taking a decision when it comes to such investment based on their past performance and also based on the assumption of their future performance, so that you earn profit in the long run.

Wealth Management: IndiaInfoline helps you in your wealth management issues as well and their services are not limited only to your investment decisions but your overall investment planning. They offer unbiased advices and help you not only to manage your portfolio but also in setting up one so that you can take the decisions that are best for you.

Financial Product Distribution: IndiaInfoline distributes varieties of financial products like mutual funds, government and corporate funds, National Pension Scheme, insurance and many more to millions and millions of people in the country. They offer these services in semi urban and rural areas of the countries as well. They offer great customer services to all their customers and potential customers as well.

Capital Market Advisory: The capital market is one place where you need some kind of expertise to trade. IndiaInfoline offers you details regarding the Indian stocks and shares market as well, so that you can take your decisions wisely.
They offer various other services in terms of asset management, investment banking and real estate advisory as well.
Popularity in India

IndiaInfoline is quite popular amongst the Indians and the popularity is growing day by day. More and more people are entering into the investment market and trying their luck by trading online independently. IndiaInfoline is a company that is preferred by many when it comes to investing in mutual funds or buying insurance.


IndiaInfoline is one of the best platforms to start your investing journey from. They offer variety of services as well.

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