Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation India (ICICI) Bank is an Indian bank with branches in over 19 countries of the world. It is one of major banks of India and here in this article we would discuss about the products and services offered by this bank.

Accounts and Deposits

ICICI bank offers you everything starting from internet and mobile banking facilities to even doorstep banking. You no longer need to visit the bank to open an account as ICICI bank sends their representative to your home to get all the documents collected and open your account. With thousands of ATMs spread all across the country, this bank has provision for opening saving accounts, salary accounts etc.

ICICI bank’s doorstep banking is something that is unique and has gone a long way in increasing their popularity amongst the new customers.

ICICI banks offer different types of loans to suit your requirements. Some of the loans that they offer include home Loans with attractive interest rates and low EMIs, car loans ICICI car loans are the most preferred ones in the country as they have tied up with some of the leading automobile manufactures and hence, can offer you the best deals, personal loans for your personal needs, instant Gold Loans, Commercial Vehicle Loans and Loan against Securities.
ICICI bank loans are easy to avail and completely hassle free. In most cases, your loans get approved in very short period of time.

ICICI bank offers all types of cards as well and it is also easy to apply for one as well. Starting from Credit Cards and Debit Cards to Travel Cards and Corporate Cards, they have all. ICICI credit cards offer 5% cash back

Insurance can go a long way in ensuring the happiness of your family and loved ones. ICICI bank offers Life Insurance, General Insurance and Card Protection Plans.


Starting from fixed income investment options like fixed deposits and bonds to other investment products like mutual funds and Gold/silver investment, ICICI is a trusted name in the investment sector.

ICICI bank has a special department for Agriculture and Rural based customers and offer finance to farmers, tractor loan and the likes. You can also open you demat account here and enjoy trading stocks and shares.
ICICI started off with its retail banking venture during the mid 1990s and slowly moved into the loan and credit sector. The popularity started growing and they realized the importance of starting more branches and expanding their ATM network. The acquisition of the Bank of Madurai in 2001, added as many 263 branches to ICICI and there were many cities where ICICI was not present.
ICICI offer customized loan solutions to its customers and that is another point that has helped it grow. This bank mostly targets the upper middle classes and with so many products and services in its kitty, it surely is one of the biggest brands in the country. Many people complained about its poor customer service, but with each passing year, the customer service is also getting better day by day as each and every grievance are solved individually.

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