About the company

The Financial Express is a business newspaper in India that is published in the English language and they also have company of their own where all there articles are published. It is published by the Indian Express and is being circulated since 1961. This happens to be the oldest financial newspaper in the country and has now emerged to be one of the leading newspapers as well.
As far as the company is concerned, apart from daily financial news, various articles by experts and the ongoing activities of the Indian as well as the international trade market and the performance of the SENSEX and NIFTY are published in their website everyday. You will also have a fair idea about BSE and NSE.
Services Offered

•    You will get to know everything about the market and it is a company that offers you accurate data and information regarding the Indian market scenario. You will come across all sorts of financial and business news as well.

•    The Financial Express has a section in its company dedicated on mutual funds and lets you decide on your mutual fund investments. All the past performances are mentioned with the names of the ones that are performing the best and hence, have all the required information regarding various mutual funds of the country making it easy for you to take the right decision.

•    There is also a section for the currencies of the world and there you will get an idea regarding how the various currencies in the world are performing when compared to INR. This section is mostly helpful for people who deal in foreign exchange.
•    There are various other sections that offer information and performance details of various other companies and industries of the country and there are of course published articles by experts explaining different things about the market and its future.
Popularity in India

The Financial Express as mentioned above is the oldest financial newspaper of the country and hence, it is a name that most financial experts of the country trust blindly. In fact, this happens to be the most popular financial and business newspaper of the country with millions and millions of subscribers.

The Financial Express offers unbiased reviews of various stocks and shares of the market and the same goes for the mutual funds as well. People and investors entering the Indian financial market can take the much needed help from this newspaper.

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