Equitymaster.com is India’s first financial website that was launched in the year 1996. The dream of this website was to empower each and every investor of the country with investment knowledge that would help him or her to take unbiased investing decisions.
Today Equitymaster.com has more than 1,484,807 members and the number is growing each day and this only been possible as people have actually been benefited from Equitymaster.com. Equitymaster.com that started off as a website who did not have their own domain, now has managed to spread over to as many as 71 countries worldwide.
Services offered

The main aim of this website is to let investors take decisions independently and break way from shackles of the commission driven advices. There is nothing as ‘short and hot tips’ to success as this website believes in making the basics right. There are no intra-day trading advices as well.
Here in this website, you will get to see the performance of various shares and stocks, so that you can decide for yourself, where to invest and where not to invest. Be it stocks or mutual funds or derivatives, you will get 100% unbiased reports on their performances in this site so that you can think about your long term goals and invest safely.
There is the Portfolio Tracker that comes with many intelligent tools that lets you manage your online trading account easily and also analyze your movement over trading users and has over 20,000 users.
Popularity in India

Since Equitymaster.com is the first financial website of the country, it is highly popular. Many people have been benefitted and acquired wealth by using the advices of this website and that is another reason, why it is trusted by many. Moreover, it is quite easy to get registered in this site and people with minimum internet knowledge can get registered and learn to trade online.
“Equitymaster.com offers indepth analysis and offers recommendations that leave no doubt in the minds of investors. It offers investors everything under one roof starting from Gold and derivative trading to equity trading.” – an Equitymaster.com user


Equitymaster.com is not an investment guru that people generally see in the TV or any other website. It is actually a research house that has been conducting unbiased research and helping investors to take the right decision for the past 17 years. Your success is guaranteed if you become their member as Equitymaster.com has always been a name that has been associated with trust.

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