About the company

Bloomberg can be your ultimate source for all types of financial and global business information. It is an information provider to some of the leading businesses, educational institutions and also various government offices in India. They make use of the latest technology and various innovative approaches in delivering news, data and analytics as well.

Bloomberg, as marketed by the company itself, works as the connecting tool to connect millions of decision markers of the world to a world of information, ideas and people. They provide quick and accurate data and news in over 192 countries around the world.

Products and Services Offered

•    Bloomberg offers professional services which happen to be a powerful and flexible platform for people who are in need of real-time data and analytics so that that they can take important business decisions in a smarter and faster way. There is also the Bloomberg Tradebook that acts a leading broker for both the buyers and the sellers and provides them with market insight, high quality liquidity and customized solutions by making use of innovative technologies.

•    Bloomberg also offer enterprise solutions that helps you to regarding trading and warns you of any risk that connects the front, middle and back office truly. Bloomberg offers you trading solutions as well so that you know where to invest and where not to. They connect buyers and sellers all around the world that include exchanges, settlement agencies, clearing houses, global liquidity pools and electronic trading markets as well. They offer hosted solutions and highly scalable solutions so that firms can enter new markets quickly and easily. Their solutions are sure to lower your costs and improve the efficiency of your firm as well, so that your company grows.

•    Bloomberg offers various industries data, analysis and tools so that these work in a better way and finally various blogs, articles, magazines and books are published under the name of the Bloomberg as well.

Popularity in India
Bloomberg is quite popular in the country for it offers a wide variety of services in various industries and firms in the country and offers them efficient solutions that help them to grow.

Bloomberg offers solutions to banks, corporations and asset managers and is a name that is trustworthy not only in India but also many other various countries of the world. They also offer great customer support, tailored for the Indian client and hence have millions satisfied customers.

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