Practical Tips To Prepare For Banking Exams

Banking exams can be very tough and tricky to clear if you don’t prepare thoroughly for it. Students all over the country are very much interested to crack this competitive exam to join public sector banks. Ever since the IT companies are getting flooded and getting a secure job in privates sector has become very hard college graduates are more interested in getting into banking sectors. This government jobs give you a lot of security and good package. More than 20 lacks candidates usually appear for banking exams conducted by the RBI, State Bank of India and IBPS.

Basic Structure:

These exams can provide you with jobs in SBI, RBI, 21 nationalised banks and twenty plus private banks. Your performance in the exams will give you jobs in PO, SO or clerical posts. These exams are a way of filtering the potential aspirants and it is then followed by group discussions and personal interviews.

Nature of the Exam:

Banking exams .au/webhp?hl=entests your intelligence level and basic aptitude to provide a level playing field for all the aspirants. This exam tests your overall knowledge in all subjects like maths, accountancy, social studies and much more. In these exams you have to solve multiple choice questions, marks will only be given if you mark the correct answer and marks will be deducted if you give the incorrect answer. General awareness and your knowledge in computer will also be tested in these exams.
The following tips can help you to prepare for you exam.

  • There is no fixed syllabus for these types of exams so the most recommended way to prepare is to solve test papers and scanners.
  • You will have to cover a wide syllabus, try to solve previous test papers and give mock tests for better preparation.
  • Time is another important factor that you have to consider while preparing for these exams.
  • There are many institutions that provide you with good tuitions. You can always join such type of institutions for better preparation.
  • Questions requiring logical reasoning are very common in banking exams. Prepare yourself with handy shortcuts and methods to answer these types of questions.

Clearing a banking exam can be hard but if you take your time and prepare methodically then you will be able crack it easily. Also try to prepare yourself for group discussion sessions and one on one interview. Both your knowledge and attitude will be tested.

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