Go Cashless Opt For Internet Banking

Go cashless. Opt for internet banking

Going cashless has its advantages and disadvantages as well. However, when we use the term ‘go cashless’ it doesn’t mean that one should walk around without a rupee in the pocket. We should have a small amount of money to allow easy buying whenever required.

Now with the banking system made so prominent every second person prefers to shop using cards or internet banking. This is a very healthy practice that helps you to keep your money safe and you can be free while shopping.

Advantage of internet banking:

The biggest advantage of internet banking is that you don’t have to visit the bank frequently. You can easily pay online for whatever you buy anywhere in the world. You can get your financial statement with a single click on you mobile or laptop. You can apply for loans, credit cards, debit cards and even ask for a new cheque book online just from the comfort of your home.

Furthermore, internet banking is cost effective. The banks don’t have to employ more staffs to do the work as thousands of transactions can be done at the same time by internet banking. In this way the banks as well as its customers benefit a lot and there is more satisfaction in each transaction. You can transfer money to anywhere in the world to any other bank account within a few minutes. Gone are the days when people produced cheques and waited in queue to get the money from the bank counter.

Disadvantages are a few:

The main disadvantage that crops up initially for those using internet banking is trust. The thought, whether you have paid the money to the right person or whether you will get your product as promised. For this you can download the online banking tutorial and view how transactions are being made and how they are carried out before you settle for online banking.

Online banking is very beneficial and helps you go cashless anywhere and at any time you can have access to money from your bank. Not only money you also can acquire information on your account balance as well with just a click of a button.

it is  now clear that internet banking or online banking as the term reads is advantageous to many and could be a bit intimidating for a few who find it hard to operate online. However on the whole internet banking is the most viable option for all customers because of its flexibility and versatility.

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