Banking On The Go Will Help You Stay Safe

Banking on the go will help you stay safe

Most banks today offer online banking and hence people are finding this way of banking very convenient. You can pay your monthly bills like EB, mobile bill, house rent, EMI etc. while you are holidaying or just relaxing at home.

This convenience has taken over the entire banking process and almost every second person is doing all their transactions online. If you have not heard of this type of banking here are a few ideas that can help you switch to an online banking bank and stay safe.

1.    Pay bills online:

Earlier cheques were used or people would stand in long queues to pay monthly bills. Forget the past, do online banking and pay all your bills from the comfort of your home or from anyway that you are holidaying.

This process saves you the tension of having been robbed by a thief or losing your wallet while travelling to the bank to pay bills. You can even set up the automatic bill payment feature that allows you the freedom not to worry about due dates for your bills.

Shopping online is another key factor for today’s lifestyle which can also be done with your online banking system.

2.    View account transactions:

With the online banking privilege you can access your account transaction anywhere and anytime. Instead of having to visit your bank and request for a bank statement, you just have to type in the period that you require a statement and there it pops up in no time.

In this way you can keep a constant check on your transactions and identify any unauthorised transactions instantly. Some banks send you messages about pending payments. If these payments are not authorized by you, then you can request to reverse the payments instantly.

3.    Transfer money from one account to another:

This is a very convenient method for business entrepreneurs and for those having daily cash transactions. You can simply transfer your amount to the payee’s account and in return the payee sends you the goods or services you have paid for.

It is also very good for those parents whose children are studying and staying in hostels. The fees and pocket money can be transferred easily without having to carry money in one’s wallet to and fro. It is safe to transfer the amount instantly.

4.    Using mobile for banking:

Most of the banks have provided mobile apps for the convenience of their customers. Once you download this app online banking becomes so easy. However, it is always best to use a secure network while banking with mobile.

Avoid using the public Wi-Fi for banking transactions to remain safe from cyber theft. This way of banking allows you to check your balance before and after the transaction is completed.

Online banking is the safest way of banking today with so much of theft and fraudulent activities happening around us each minute of the day.

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