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Banking on the go will help you stay safe

Banking on the go will help you stay safe Most banks today offer online banking and hence people are finding this way of banking very convenient. You can pay your monthly bills like EB, mobile bill, house rent, EMI etc. while you are holidaying or just relaxing at home. This convenience has taken over the entire banking process and almost every second person is doing all their transactions onl... >> More

Go cashless Opt for internet banking

Go cashless. Opt for internet banking Going cashless has its advantages and disadvantages as well. However, when we use the term ‘go cashless’ it doesn’t mean that one should walk around without a rupee in the pocket. We should have a small amount of money to allow easy buying whenever required. Now with the banking system made so prominent every second person prefers to shop... >> More

The Pros and Cons of Online Banking

The internet today has changed people’s lifestyles considerably and almost all industries are striving to stay in pace with this latest technology which is the first choice for all customers. The need of this medium is in great demand as you can do whatever you like just by sitting in front of the PC or using your smart phone. Making a free long distance call is a boon while at the same ti... >> More

A brief review of the 2016 banking sector

A brief review of the 2016 banking sector The present scenario with the banking sector is experiencing many serious threats owing to the transformation of the industry. Here is a brief reviewing of what the banking industry and the capital markets are facing today and what we can expect in the next decade. The next decade has a lot of changes in the banking industry which will force traditi... >> More

Success Mantras to Succeed Bank Exams

Introduction: Life throws up many challenges. However, competitive exams are the challenges which are keeping today’s youth on tenterhooks. There are many career choices which require further education. The educational institutions which provide this require one clear certain examination. Most companies have their own method to absorb fresh resources. The Banking sector in India holds exami... >> More

Practical Tips to Prepare For Banking Exams

Banking exams can be very tough and tricky to clear if you don’t prepare thoroughly for it. Students all over the country are very much interested to crack this competitive exam to join public sector banks. Ever since the IT companies are getting flooded and getting a secure job in privates sector has become very hard college graduates are more interested in getting into banking sectors. Thi... >> More

Ways to Prevent and Control Banking Fraud

The banks have become an indispensable tool for day to day life today. The ease they provide, from security for money and assets to timely payment of utilities have become an important need for our lives. However, in recent times another aspect which has definitely been there is the looming cloud of fraud.  A RTI application brought to light an astonishing fact that in the past 5 years the... >> More

A Knowhow on NRI Banking

Banking is essential since it allows one to the easy way to manage one’s wealth. It is there to keep business flowing in a smooth manner. Non resident Indians are people of Indian origin who live outside India. Such people always look to invest in their mother land and hence require banking support. When the global down turn hit a while back, Indian markets were not as affected due to a v... >> More

Basic Norms of Indian Banking System

The Indian Banking system remains very structured and well oiled machinery with deep seated roots dating back to the 1700s. The Bank of Hindustan was among the first banks along with banks like General Bank of India. However, a stalwart of the old times which even today stands tall is the SBI or State Bank of India which was essentially formed in 1806 as Bank of Calcutta. An economy can grow at... >> More

How to Prepare For The Latest Banking Exams - 2015

India is a nation which is projected to grow at a rate faster than its stalwart counterpart China in Fiscal Year 2015-16. This is rare and has happened for the first time since 1999. For an economy to grow at a stable rate it is essential that it has a stable and fast growing banking system. Thus, that being a requisite would mean more manpower resource requirement for the sector as well. Each ... >> More

Banking Jobs in India - Career Prospects

The Indian banking industry is growing at a very healthy rate. Both public and private sector banks have forecasted a good phase for growth in the coming times which should translate into better jobs. Banking offers great career prospects for many students of finance. It is well known that India possesses one of the most sound banking structures in the world today. This remains one of the reasons ... >> More

History of Banking in India

Banking is a quintessential part of our existence today. It has always been present through evolution in different forms but it only found a structured framework once money started being used in currency form and the barter system started giving way. A well functioning banking system is very important for any economy to forge ahead a path of sustainable growth. In India in the old ties people d... >> More

Useful Tips to Use ATM Effectively

Life in a metropolitan has always been a challenge. Apart from the regular rigmarole, now residents must also face another issue. The apex bank of India – R.B.I. issued new policy regulations, pertaining to the provision of A.T.M. services by financial institutions in 6 metropolitan cities (Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai). The number of free transactions has been e... >> More

Top 10 Private Banks in India

Many private banks in India can be better than any of the nationalized ones. Most of the best private banks have a balance sheet that exceeds more than 100,000 crore rupees. There are both new and old private banks, the new ones being the ones that got their license for banking after 1990. The new private banks had to have certain criteria that was followed including the holdings of the promote... >> More

Which Credit Card is Best? ICICI, HDFC, Axis, Yes Bank, ING

There are many different credit cards available in all countries, however, some credit cards are better than others. The top banks in India that give good credit cards are ICICI bank, hdfc bank credit card, Axis bank, Yes bank and ING Vysya bank. When looking at the credit cards you must look at the interest rate, annual fees and other important information. Each of the banks will differ in thi... >> More

Tips For Using Internet Banking Safely

Internet has made handling the day to day challenges of modern lifestyle. One of the biggest benefits has been the easy handling of money without being location dependent. Smart phones, notebooks and iPads have made banking possible while on the go within the time frame of a few key strokes. This independence has however come at a price. It requires us to be constantly vigilant of the online ba... >> More

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